How Parents Are Saving Money on Newborn Girl Clothes

gerber baby girls assorted clothesBabies are expensive, and especially so if parents aren’t planning ahead and looking for ways to save money. What many parents are doing to try to save their bank accounts from imploding with the birth of new child is get some advice from baby experts and other parents they know before they do their shopping.

One of the first tips the experts give is to buy sparingly. Too many parents go overboard and try to buy a bunch of things for the baby and end up with far more newborn girl clothes than they need. About two weeks’ worth of outfits as all the average baby needs.

Parents are also advised to buy outside the expected size range of the baby. While most baby clothes are made with a bit of stretch in them to accommodate different sizes, some babies are far smaller or far bigger than the average size. That’s why so many parents are buying not just newborn girl clothes but also 0-3 months sizes as well. This gives them some variety and ensures that they have clothes that will fit the baby when it is born.

If some of the clothes are too big right away, the baby can always grow into them. It’s best if they only buy newborn clothes sparingly, because those will be the ones that the baby will grow out of the fastest or may not be small enough to fit into at all when she is born. Then the parents will be let with clothes they need to return, sell off or give away.

Parents can also concentrate more on the accessories and no clothing items that the baby will need instead of buying a bunch of clothes. They can fill their baby gift registries with items that fit babies of any size so that there is less money being wasted. That’s important to keep in mind when shopping at retailers like newborn girl clothes, when parents are enticed by all the beautiful clothes they see. Sometimes, holding off on those clothing purchases and focusing more on things that the baby can definitely use is the wiser, economical choice.

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